Our Colleagues

Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) England and Wales currently employs circa 111 colleagues. TDS Northern Ireland employs 4 colleagues and SafeDeposits Scotland employs 19 colleagues. 

Within the departmental structure there are five directorates at TDS:


Business Development

Dispute Resolution/Operations

Human Resources


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Best Companies Awards 2021

The Dispute Service (which includes the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS), TDS Northern Ireland and Safe Deposits Scotland) has been ranked No.3 in the UK’s Best 10 Not for Profit companies to work for in the Best Companies Awards 2021. This year’s award recognised The Dispute Service as an exceptional place to work after assessing feedback from staff across the well-known tenancy deposit protection organisation.

Adrian Delaporte

TDS is a great place to work, the whole team pull together for a great atmosphere.

Louise Breeze

I have worked for TDS for several years and enjoy the ever-changing challenges we face in such an industry. TDS supports its staff in many valuable ways, particularly our well-being and career development. My colleagues are talented, ambitious and are a pleasure to work with. The sense of camaraderie at TDS is second to none.

  Owen Griffiths

After receiving disappointing grades from my A levels, I was surprised by the amount of time and effort TDS invested in me. They enrolled me onto a Level 3 apprenticeship program where I’ve excelled and come on leaps and bounds from where I once was. Now I’m a well-versed Infrastructure Technician and well equipped to further my working career due to the qualifications I have gained through working here. This has also increased my confidence considerably which has been helped by all the friendly staff in and around the office who’ve all been very approachable in introducing me to office life.

  Sanam Khan 

I started my career at TDS after recently graduating with an LPC in 2015. My first role at TDS was a combined Caseworker/Case Publisher role. I very quickly learnt that the individual leading the organisation was one which appreciated, accommodated, and encouraged change and fresh ideas. This is only one of the reasons I am still happy within the organisation. Throughout my time at TDS, the organisation trained and developed me to work in many different roles and I now find myself in a Leadership position. Although only your own hard work and determination can lead you to success, I do feel the backing of a good organisation is essential to this achievement and you can find that here at TDS.

Shanay Davis 

I started working at TDS in July 2019 as a Customer Service Advisor. From the first day I started working here, I felt welcomed by the whole company. In December 2019 I progressed and became a Dispute Resolution Executive which I am thoroughly enjoying. Within the company there are various groups which you can join. I am a part of a few myself, such as the Diversity Working Group, the Wellbeing Team and the Fundraising Team. The company has lived up to and exceeded my expectations. I am looking forward to many more years with TDS and contributing to the growth of the organisation.

David Ballard

In my long career I have visited many hundreds of businesses and sometimes I have been very impressed with the professionalism, customer service, values, and cultures I have encountered. On other occasions I have not, but from my experience I can testify that TDS is among the best I have encountered. During my eight years of employment, I can say that in 99.9% of that time it has been a real pleasure to work in the business, and I cannot recommend TDS highly enough to a potential new colleague as a great and rewarding place to work.

  Uzochi Ejimofor 

Working for TDS has been an enjoyable and positive experience for me. Everyone is warm and welcoming and always happy to help each other. The contribution of all colleagues is valued here at TDS.  

Seema Khatani

I started working for TDS in 2013 and felt the company was very inviting and open, even to my opinion as a newbie. One of my first impressions of the company as a whole came from the colleague meetings that gave a great overview of what was happening both in the business and the industry.

I work on the SafeDeposits Scotland team within Managed Finance and my role has evolved from a reconciliation assistant to Safe Deposits Accountant. I am grateful for all the support my team gives me and for the encouragement from management to help me develop in my career. In recent years I have been taking part in different company groups such as the Colleague Consultation Forum and the Diversity Working Group which have given me a real feel for the TDS culture. The company is forward looking and I admire that they aim to make a difference in the industry.

  Anam Khan

As the first Onboarding Executive for TDS since November 2019, I’m very proud to be working for TDS. My hard work is always appreciated & highlighted across the board both internally via senior managers & externally via positive reviews received from our new customers I’ve worked with. The Senior Leadership team are all passionate about their job roles & always maintain the utmost professional work ethic. This is a very motivating & refreshing atmosphere to be around for me. The CEO’s weekly updates containing statistical briefing on our progress as an organisation is always educational for us all. Furthermore, TDS provides ample opportunity for you to gain a Level 3 Award qualification which adds significant value to your career in the private rented sector.

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